About me

Hi, I’m B.  I’m a girl who codes.  I learned Python & R for linguistics research purposes, but not in any systematic way, so I have lots of unexpected gaps.  Right now I’m learning Unity 3D and C# so I can make games for kids.  It’s super fun and surprisingly easy (while also being surprisingly difficult at times).

A lot of coding blogs are written for people who already know how to code.  This isn’t.  This is written for me, so I can track my progress, keep track of links that have been helpful, and accessibly store code snippets that solve specific problems that I’m likely to encounter again.  This is also written for you, if you find links, thoughts, and problems/solutions helpful.  Think of the links as a condensed “let me google that for you,” since I spend most of my time googling “how to disable script from gameobject unity.”

Right now I’m not spending a lot of time writing up context or background or other parts of my script, so these posts might be hard to follow.  I’ll get better at that as I develop more of a system.  In the meantime, if something looks useful but you don’t have enough context, please leave a comment.

I’d also love comments on better ways to solve things!   And if you’re also learning, go you!!!  That’s awesome.  I’m looking forward to hearing about your learning and coding experiences.

Happy coding!

Early programmer documenting coding problems & solutions – Unity3D / C#