Fixing GameManager

Right now I’m having this annoying thing happen where the ShortLongA scene works when it’s opened by itself, but it doesn’t work when it goes through the Menu button.

Specifcially, the gamemanager instance isn’t finding the CheckHideButton and the CheckHideText automatically. That means it’s somewhere in a script that’s not getting activated by the menu button, but IS getting activated when the program starts.

OOH maybe it’s in Awake? How does Awake work exactly, is it for the scene or .. hmmm…

Yes I think it is! I’ts in the Awake in gthe game amnager, and that only happens once in the game (I think…?)

I added the defining of the CheckButton and text to the Propogate Scene script, and that fixed it.


ALthough now I seem to have a problem with my login. I think that’s because it didn’t have a GM loader? Yup, adding the GM loader fixed that too. Cool!

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