Instantiate buttons based on txt file

I’ve done this before, but don’t remember where.


As child of canvas:

Hmph. Something has been going wrong with how I tried to do this, so I gave up. I want to come back to this later. #todo


Okay, coming back to this on 9-21-17. Maybe I can figure this out today, I feel like I need a problem to solve.


Build numbers

Huh, I had never changed my build number before!

It’s literally input box #4 on Xcode. Cool, that’ll help me!

Making canvas UI elements look good

So I’m struggling with my canvas elements cuz they come out the wrong size and the wrong place. This has been affecting my menus, but more importantly, my  Check Asnwer button now ovelraps with other things, and it looks bad.

WHOAH just change the canvas scaler on each of the scene’s canvases from Pixel relative to Screen Size relative and then everythign is fixed.



Fixing GameManager

Right now I’m having this annoying thing happen where the ShortLongA scene works when it’s opened by itself, but it doesn’t work when it goes through the Menu button.

Specifcially, the gamemanager instance isn’t finding the CheckHideButton and the CheckHideText automatically. That means it’s somewhere in a script that’s not getting activated by the menu button, but IS getting activated when the program starts.

OOH maybe it’s in Awake? How does Awake work exactly, is it for the scene or .. hmmm…

Yes I think it is! I’ts in the Awake in gthe game amnager, and that only happens once in the game (I think…?)

I added the defining of the CheckButton and text to the Propogate Scene script, and that fixed it.


ALthough now I seem to have a problem with my login. I think that’s because it didn’t have a GM loader? Yup, adding the GM loader fixed that too. Cool!

Add username and password

So for this, I don’t have a server background yet. I’m just going to embed it into my unity stuff.

I’ve got it so that it works by using InputField, but I have the following questions:

  • how do I make it so it only has to log in once
  • is there any way to make it so they don’t have to log into every app on every ipad? this feels annoying & sad, and would really detract from teachers being able to use it
  • is there any way to keep the login info on new version

Things I’m looking at


Maybe I’d rather have something like this:

If there’s a unique identifier on each ipad, then I can actually control how many ipads are using my app, and know which ones are…

BUt  now that I’m thinking about it while writing the code … // this confirms that its a specific ipad using the app  this ... wont work bc it wont get past the app store


One thing I could do is just put my templates on the app store, and put everything else on TestFlight. I don’t know how that works with the auto updating thing the school has, but it could sidestep this annoyance.

Looks like I can at least only login once per ipad. Not sure how th is would work for updated versions, or the fact that I’m planning on having multiple apps :/

It would probably be a good idea for me to get a second ipad at some point and set it up to download the way the school does, so I can test these things out #todo


Make it so only audio gets built that is needed

Now that I’ve started putting my projects together (which makes life SO MUCH BETTER at least for now), I run the risk of making everything unnecessarily large by including all of the audio in any individual build.

This is bc Unity auto includes anything under the Resources folder.

Apparently you can rename folders to have ~ first but that seems to have mixed reviews on forums.

First I need to separate out audio by which app it’s in, and then script to go to that specific folder inside Resources instead of just Resources.



Answer colliders for ShortLongA

Now I need some sort of feedback system for ShortLongA. It shouldn’t be a show/hide button like in Vowel Teams, but instead some sort of thing where it lists how many need to be changed, or circles them (but then it’s just move it to the other one … might still be worth it).

Excited to usertest the answer feedback function in this.

In my heart of hearts, I really want a recording feature for the hard mode, where kids then record their own reading of the word. But this is going to require some significant backend. There’s an inbetween version where then they compare their recording to the right answer, but that could be tricky without a tutor and without it saved somewhere for teachers to look at / use.