Use .txt column variables in scene

Command R replaces everything in the script. Exit to cancel, enter to keep.

Now I’m working on automating pulling in the column names, creating the things they need from those, and inserting htem into everything. This is basically WordDictAdd.SetUpOnsets. I want this for a couple reasons – 1, the script was super repetitive. 2, making new templates with this system is a real pain, and involves an annoying amount of manually find&replacing. Feels like I shouldn’t need a python script to do this, I can do it inside C# Unity itself.

Okay – so first goal – bring in the names of the columns and return them.



  • name GameObject[] sets using the string
    • This is a little tricky.
    • OH – I don’t need to name them separately. They’re just object sets. They don’t need the name embedded the way they do in the hard code.

To fix:

Turned off InitGame SetUpOnsets in several places (Propogate on the main camera, and also in GameMnaager when it starts)

I also took out the level name, which is a real pain. So now I should go back and add in the level name but make it so it skips it in the set


Random thoughts on how to do more specific feedback in the future:

  • have a set of answer objects in each slot, that get filled in by the Reader, to have the textmesh of the right answer block
  • then, if they are currently colliding with something that has the same textmesh, they are correct. (tehy can be colliding with more than one thing – if there is a correct thing colliding with them, it works) – #todo – the only problem with this is this feasibly could have them out of order but marked as correct -play around with this

Okay, so now I’ve got it working for VowelTeams.

I’ve imported ShortLongA scene to see how this can translate. A thing I think I now need to do is to tag each scene with which .txt file it uses, so I can use the same gameManager prefab. This wouldn’t be necessary if it weren’t in the same project, so I should consider this. I’m pretty sure it’s better to be in the same project tho so that if I change any of the main scripts, they’re always changed, instead of having so many versions of them runn


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