Font, scale, and transform.position interact in horrible ways

Did you know that:

1)  If you use the TextMesh component, with the font that comes with Unity (Arial – haven’t tried other fonts yet, google says that helps a little but doesn’t fix it), then making the font a normal size is super fuzzy and pixelated.  To get a clear image, I made my font sized 200, then scaled  down to like (.05, .05) (z appears unimportant in how my world is set up for scaling). *sources below

2)   So now I’ve got wonky scales on all my objects, some of them different depending on font size.

3)  A natural result of this is apparently that the transform positions across objects, even if they’re “the same”,  aren’t actually the same.  Placing objects automatically with Vector3 positions suddenly became much more unpleasant.  This is because “transform.position.y is determined in global space, transform.localScale is local.”  (from – helpful tips in this one that feel hacky but seem necessary)

* – some people give some other advice.  I want to check that out, and also check out if a Unity person has responded to this more recently than 2014.  This is a known problem, so maybe there’s a less CPU-eating fix than scaling up and scaling down constantly. #todo



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