Adding font to object

This was one of the questions I googled most over the span of several days.   Long story short, I wound up not adding font to an object, but adding objects to a 3D font (object).

Inserting text is hard, and it’s hard to make objects move around *with* the text in ways that make sense, particularly if you’ve done some crazy scaling shenanigans to make the text fuzzy like described in

I wound up creating a 3D text object (under GameObject > 3D Object > 3D Text [all the way at the bottom]), doing said shenanigans, then utterly failing at adding a background color for the text.  This failure resulted in:

  • giving up and creating a 2D sprite of a blank white rectangle
  • dragging that in as a child object of my 3D text
  • scaling the child object to be the right size as background for the text
  • creating a material for the right color
  • dragging that onto the child object
  • futzing with directional lighting and material color emissions to make the color actually be what I want in the game context  (

This does not feel like the simplest way to achieve this, but it’s working for now.

(#todo go back and find some of the resources I used to answer it)

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